I bring basic general skills to each company that I have gained over the years, tailoring them specifically to fit your company’s need, as each company is unique. I teach your sales people how to sell. I teach your sales manager how to manage, measure and motivate your sales people. I focus exclusively in your company, not on your exact customers or specific pricing. I am very much focused on “teaching you how to fish” in order to be successful. I look for what you are particularly good at, what your sweet spot is and direct the focus there. I develop your personal sales and marketing strategic plan and then I implement that plan.

My career and my success is based on confidentiality. If I didn’t keep things confidential, I would go out of business very quickly. My relationships with my clients are based entirely on trust. They need to trust me and I need to trust them. Not being discreet and confidential will hurt me more than it hurts you. You are trusting me with the success of your company and that is everything to me.

I do not get involved in specific pricing, what so ever. We might have a general conversation about pricing, but we will never discuss your pricing as opposed to someone else’s because it is a subject I stand firm on. 

I love what I do. While most of our industry is led by engineers and manufacturing people, I am one of the few people in our industry focused on sales and marketing. I read at least three or more sales and marketing books a week, I write consistently about the subject and have worked with over 150 companies over the past 20 years helping me to pick up a great deal of experience over that time. When I work with a company like your, I throw everything I’ve got into that project to make sure you will be successful.

Look, I know my customers are very busy with other parts of their business. I make a point of keeping your time expense at a minimum. At the beginning of a project I will work with you to make sure we define the end goal as well as the deliverables to achieve that goal, and then I go to work for you. At the most you will spend an hour a week on the phone with me to get updates and give your approvals on what I am doing for you.

Three months is the minimum time needed to get a plan started. When I click with a client, our relationship often goes on for years. I have one client I have been working with for 19 years! Three to 5 years would be the norm for maximum success and is the case with most of my clients, with many of them rehiring me after the completion of a project.  My relationship with at least 7 of my clients is ongoing.

We will track it together. I work with you to develop the objectives and deliverables, inserting them into a milestone plan complete with actions and dates. We will then track this during our weekly phone meetings. I am the one responsible for getting things done. When you hire me it is like hiring a personal trainer who makes sure everything you want to accomplish is in fact accomplished. If not, I will fail… and I do not fail.