What Do Reps Want?

Continuing our series on closing the gap between independent sales reps and their principals I thought the next step would be to talk about what reps are looking for in an ideal rep-principal partnership. As I talk to reps, and yes I talk to a lot of them, one of the issues they always have […]

What’s Wrong With Reps?

  How to fix this rep thing This is a question I get asked on practically a daily basis by PCB shop owners and leaders. They tell me that they are just not getting out of their reps what they used to. They tell me that their reps are not getting out there enough, not […]

It’s Your Website. Own It!

Please, please do not believe that website “experts” can tell your story…they cannot. Yes they know how to put web sites together, they know all about sitemaps and what you should have first and second and if they are very good they can develop and design very good, very comprehensive web sites that are easy […]

21 Reasons Why I Can’t Make My Sales Numbers

Are you hearing any of these statements when you talk to a salesperson about their sales or lack thereof lately? Take a look. Oh, and feel free to add your own. The economy is down and the news said we are heading for a recession so everyone is scared to buy my products. The war […]

Know Your Customers

A famous (and telling) story: a number of years ago in the deep past when the fast food giants were having the great burger war and wanting to prove that size matters, both Burger King and McDonald’s were bragging about who had the biggest hamburger with a quarter pound of beef. Mc-D had the famous […]

No, Not The Price! Anything But That!

You have to believe in your product. You have to feel like you are doing your customer a favor by getting her to use your products and services. If you believe that you have the very best product that money can buy, then and only then will you be a great salesperson. I am always […]

How Much Would it Take?

Okay, you’re in sales. You have a decent base salary and a good but normal incentive and commission plan. You know, not Beverly Hills real estate commission money. Not Wall Street money, but the kind of money you make as a regular good salesperson. If you hit all your numbers, if you make your forecast, […]

Need Help? Just Ask For It!

When you’re stuck, it never hurts to ask for help When you’re stuck, when you just can’t make any headway with a customer, when you feel that you have exhausted all of your own resources and ideas and don’t feel that you have another move left in you, it’s time to call for help. The […]

Refusing To Accept  “No”

Sometimes when your back is to the wall. When for whatever reason you have to win the business, you have to do all you can, pull out all the plugs, eat your pride, and remain laser-focused to win that business. Sometimes when failure is not an option you have to dig deep into yourself and […]