Would You Work Here?

Would you join the your own company? The past few years I have heard many company runners complaining about their work force. They tell me that the government is paying people too much money not to work, young people are not interested in working every day and that there is just not the work ethic […]

Nice Guys Finish First

Remember that old slogan “Nice guys finish last”? Well, that is the opposite of the way I have operated over my career and in the end it has always proven to work out pretty well. On the other hand, I have witnessed a lot of not so nice guy stories that have ended disastrously. There […]

OCCAM: The Time Is Now!

One of my favorites books is a little bestseller by the name of “Who Moved My Cheese”. I am sure even those of you who don’t spend a lot of time reading books have at least heard of it and know that the title refers to people, especially in business, who are so stuck in […]

Did You Exhibit At IPC APEX EXPO 2024?

What now? After the show You had a great time last week at IPC APEX EXPO 2024 and now you’re back home and ready to go on to other things right? Oh no that’s not right, au contraire mon frère, now the work really gets started. Now is the time to start capitalizing on all […]

Exhibiting at IPC APEX EXPO 2024?

Here’s how to get the most from your trade show dollars So many times, people/companies spend a small fortune exhibiting at trade shows like this IPC APEX EXPO 2024 when they have no idea why they are going, what they are going to do there and what they expect to accomplish at the show. That […]

When Your Company Starts Running Out Of Popcorn

What are you going to do?  Companies, like people, get tired. I have seen companies just lose their focus, their “raison d’etre” and just well, kind of fade away. More than once have I sat in the office of a company owner trying to console him while he asks me to “get him out of […]

The Super Sales Reps Are Here!

The world is changing. The craft of selling is changing. I have been spending a lot of time lately working with younger people. Dare I call them “hotshots.” These salespeople are two generations removed from my own demographic and actually most of our industry’s demographic. Yup, they are mostly thirty years old or even younger […]

Get To Know Your Customers

No matter what you do, understanding your customers is crucial for any business to thrive. You have to have a complete understanding of who they are, what business they are in and what it takes for them to be successful. In short you have to see things from their perspective. Too often we assume to […]

The Possibility Of Opportunity

So many times, we are so immersed in what we are doing that we don’t have time to lift our heads and open our eyes and our minds to the possibility of opportunity. This can be a problem since being open to opportunities is crucial for success in sales as it is in all of […]