Hiring That Key New Employee: Closing The Deal

You have done your homework. You planned, searched, found, vetted and interviewed and finally you have the right candidate. You have the right person, the person who you feel is perfect for the position. Now it’s time to close the deal. It’s time to make that offer, negotiate the compensation package, and bring the person […]

Be A  Connoisseur Of Talent

Tom Peters still has it. In doing research for the best way to hire good and talented individuals in these tough times, I went to my library and found a copy of Tom Peters’ book Professional Service 50 published over twenty years ago in 1999. Even now twenty-three years later Peters still has it right. […]

Searching In All The Right Places

Looking for the right people for your company is very similar to the way that your sales team looks for business.  Especially now when the competition for good people is so intense, your HR people or whoever is conducting the search has to handle the search for the right candidate exactly like your sales team […]