What About the Golden Rule?

What about the Golden Rule? No I don’t mean the one that say’s “those who have the gold make the rules,” frankly although that is true, it is also overdone to the point where often those with the gold treat the others like crap. It’s the other golden rule I want to talk about, the […]

Pushing your brand

Too many people selecting a brand is only that; it’s coming up with a clever logo and slogan and calling it a day.  But that’s not what a brand is at all, that’s just well a symbol and a saying. A true brand defines exactly what your company is. What it stands for, what it […]

It’s time to partner

It’s time to partner Look they tell me there are only about two hundred and fifty or so board shops left in North America, this is really down from an estimated high of fifteen hundred depending on who you talk to. The industry on this continent has been devastated in the past twenty years to […]