Innovative Sales Strategies For Success

A Girl Scout wanted to sell a lot of cookies. In fact, she wanted to sell more than any other girl scout that year. She was smart enough to know that she could not do it by going door to door. She knew that a lot of the other Girl Scouts planted themselves in front […]

Thar She Blows! Going After That Elusive Whale Account

We’ve all been there. You are targeting a very large customer. A customer that could make your yearly forecast, in fact one that could blow it out of the water. You know that they would be a perfect customer for you. They need what you have, and you are just yearning to find a way […]

Saving A Great Customer When Things Go Wrong 

Handling a serious problem with a long-time customer, especially when both parties share some blame, requires a delicate balance of diplomacy, accountability, and strategic thinking. The goal is to resolve the disagreement without sacrificing the valuable relationship. The last thing you want to do is win the battle and lose the war. You have to […]