Targeting Your Ideal Customer

If you are going to successfully sell you products and services, you first must figure out who wants them. Sorry to say but not everyone is going to need or even want what you’re selling. So, rather than waste time trying to sell to everyone regardless of their needs it is much more efficient, not […]

Advice From Johnny The Bagger

Tips for great customer service! They say there are less than two hundred board shops left in North America, a fact that amazes me to no end. The other day, I was looking at a plan I did for a company just twelve years ago, where I said that there were less that six hundred […]

Managing Your Sales Team

Nothing happens by accident anymore, especially when it comes to sales. It used to be so much simpler; you’d buy a good directory, circle those companies that would make good prospects, call them, set up a meeting, go see them and if you did a pretty good job in that meeting you’d get a quote […]

Embrace Change/ Embrace Success

“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody” Lily Tomlin Oh, that dreaded word “CHANGE” I have seen companies go out of business, rather than change. I have seen people suffer from all kinds of physical ailments, rather than change. I have seen whole marketing plans get […]

The Game Of Sales

  Managing a sales team is just like managing a sports team. You strive to put the best team on the field and then manage them to greatness. It means just like a sports team you must deal with all the team members as individuals figuring out how to handle each of them from the […]