How Well Do Your Customers Really Know You?

A friend of mine was disappointed recently when he went to a trade show and met one of his customers. As they talked it became evident to my friend that his long-time customer had no idea that his company did flex and rigid flex boards. Talking even further, this customer had no idea that my […]

Here Comes 2022: Planning For A Great New Year

We are already only five weeks away from a new year!  If you haven’t started working on your planning for 2022 you are almost too late! And since I have been in the industry since before dust, I know for a fact that most of you have not even thought about it yet, much less […]

What The Pandemic Taught Us

I think this has been the fastest year in history! People tell me it’s because I’m getting old, and sure that’s true but come on, not that old. It feels like we just turned the page on 2019 to 2020. Never mind 2020 to 2021! Heck it feels like only last week we were all […]

Customer…Job 1

A survey I read recently said that 76% of the companies they polled admitted that it is now easier than ever to switch vendors. Yikes! And I believe it. I know that our own industry has become very dynamic. Now more than ever our customers are open to making changes. The bad news is that […]

Supply Chain Issues: Together We Can Figure This Out

If we’re lucky the components have left Asia and are waiting to be unloaded  to the right west coast ports. Then hopefully someone can bring them to where they need to be via trains, planes, or trucks. Hopefully, our laminates have left Asia and are waiting to be unloaded to the right west coast ports. […]