Facing Those Staffing Challenges

Of all the challenges we face in the PCB industry today, the most challenging by far, is staffing. It is getting near impossible to find good people. This is especially true for engineers and Quality people as well as management.  Most of the good ones have either retired, changed careers, or gone to work for […]

Check Out The Restroom!

There is a huge grocery store in Ohio called Jungle Jim’s International Market. From what I hear this is the best and most interesting grocery store in the world! Yes, you got that right… grocery store. And that store has the best restrooms in the world. They pride themselves on their restrooms and how well […]

How To Beat The Big Guys

Author’s note: while this post is geared towards the Printed Circuit Board industry, most of the ideas are applicable to other industries. There has for some time now been an ever growing gap in annual revenue numbers between the large international board shops and the smaller local board shops. While most of the smaller North […]