What It Takes To Be A Great Salesperson

Great salespeople generate leads. Man, oh man, I heard it again this week. The fingernail on the blackboard noise of a salesperson telling me, “I am long past finding new customers, what I am now is a relationship manager.” OMG are you kidding me? Really, if these were the old days you’d have your straw […]

10 Ideas For Becoming The Best Salesperson You Can Be

The other day  someone asked me what I thought it took to be a great salesperson and once again I gave them a litany of my old standbys. After thinking about this for a day or two I thought it was time to dig deeper. To think about this even more. My answers were trite, […]

Back To Basics: The Sales Call

Stop groaning! I can hear you saying “no, please, not that again.” Well, sorry it’s time to review this again. Actually, the other day I was having some one-on-one meetings with a company’s sales reps, and I realized that it was time to review the most important part of the entire sales process, the sales […]