PCB Heroics

The PCB is not a commodity Normally I am a pretty mild mannered guy. But if you want to see me really get riled up, then call a printed circuit board a commodity! As I have said a million times a 28 layer blind and buried printed circuit board is not, nor will it ever […]

What Is Your Purpose?

I bet you have never been asked that question before, right? Sure, we all talk about what our company’s mission is, but we seldom, if ever talk about what our purpose is. Now let me make the prediction that if this is the first time you hear the question, it will not be the last.  […]

Antagonizing Your Customers Wins?

What is this? This new trend to gain a following by antagonizing your customers. I guess I am too square, or old, or numb to understand any of this, but there is a trend that I have been reading about for a couple of years not that is exemplified by this quote, “If you’re not […]

More On Hiring…Again

Yes, this problem continues to challenge us as we head into 2021. I know of companies that have twenty or thirty job openings right now and are having a hard time finding people to apply, never mind filling them. One would think that with unemployment the way it is these days people would be storming […]