Book Recommendation: Customer Service Training 101 Third Edition: Quick and Easy Techniques that Get Results

Book Recommendation From: Dan Beaulieu 6/7/18 Customer Service Training 101 Third Edition: Quick and Easy Techniques that Get Results By Renee Evenson Copyright 2018 Amacon Price $ 24.95 Pages: 228 with index An updated version of a timeless handbook When you get right down to it, it’s always about people and guess what? Customers are […]

To Win, You Have To Have Courage

The more I work with companies the more I realize that all this talk about having courage and not being afraid to do the right thing when it needs to be done is true. From when it’s time to hire someone, or to reprimand someone or yes, the worst one of all to fire some […]

PCB Designers Should Know How a PCB Is Built

Yes, I know I have said this before, but I hate the idea that some people consider the printed circuit board a commodity. That this electronic component is nothing more than a “green plastic card” a platform for the almighty components. Many, not all, designers, pride themselves on their strategic ignorance of the printed circuit […]

On Being A Leader

Do you ever sit back and wonder what kind of leader you are? Are the people who work for you inspired by you or are they there with you because you are the only game in town? Would they stay with you if another very similar company opened up across the street? Think about that, […]

More Dumb Stuff You Should Never Say!

There is never a shortage of dumb things people say. In fact, no matter what is going on in our business, good or bad, up or down, scary or comforting, there is always somebody somewhere who will say something dumb about something. And I’m not even talking about the current political atmosphere where a collection […]

You Gotta Keep Trying

Even after 11 tries! I read a book the other day that said that you have to make at least eleven contacts with a company before they become a customer. Eleven contacts? Wow no wonder so many people don’t make it in sales? Eleven is about eight more than most people I know, try before […]