Finding, Hiring and Keeping Good People

Getting The North American PCB Industry Off Death Row Part 3 Let me tell you a story, my story. In the early 70’s I was driving a forklift in a huge textile factory in Lewiston, Maine for the minimum wage of $1.60 an hour. I worked the second shift, so I might have gotten a […]

No Strategy = No Future.

Getting the North American PCB industry off death row: part two My column last week Let’s Get off Death Row, woke a few people up. I heard from a number of people, and for the most part the response was positive. People let me know that my words made them feel better. That it made […]

Let’s Get Off PCB Death Row

For at least twenty years now the American PCB industry has been sounding its’ death knell. There has been an overriding feeling that it is over and now it is only a matter of time. All I hear is the mournful wailing of the injustices that we have been dealt. It makes me feel that […]

I’m Confused By ITAR!

Look, let me say this from the beginning, I’m a big fan of ITAR. I believe that yes, we should have some kind of protection for defense aerospace products being built by American companies by American citizens. I think it is good for the PCB and PCBA industry for sure. I don’t like the idea […]