Going Beyond The Norm

Being the best is never easy. When you study the life of elite athletes, for example you will find some of the same list of characteristics. And at the very top of that list is hard work. Plain old hard work. These athletes work harder than anyone else. They are the first ones there in […]

It’s All About Customer Service 

Customer Service as the Face of a Company No matter how you look at it, it all gets down to customer service, and I mean great customer service. If you think about your own experiences for a minute you’ll come to realize that it’s all about how the people you are dealing with, the people […]

Mistakes Salespeople Make

We have spent a great deal of time listing all of the things that great salespeople should be doing. Now it’s time to reverse that and learn from others’ mistakes. I sat down this week and listed some of the more common and dare I say damaging, mistakes that salespeople make. Most of these I […]