Never Get Mad At A Customer

There is nothing dumber you can do than getting mad at a customer. What is the point? These days when it is harder than ever to get a new customer and even harder to keep that customer amidst the barrage of competition coming for all sides there is nothing more counter-productive than getting mad at […]

Sales Is All About Trust

Building trust with your customers will make them customers for life No matter what else you do for your customers, you have to build trust. If you can get your customers to trust you they will stay with you for life…yes, even if you change companies. Over the years and in many columns, we have […]

Working From Home

With things being what they are, we all need to get more intentional in what we are doing, especially those of us in sales. We’ve talked about how we are all hunkered down, and how we can’t get out to see customers. We’ve also talked about what we can do in the meantime: Communicate through […]

Life After Covid-19

Over the past few weeks, we have been writing about how to keep business as usual in these unusual times. How to market your company, how to make sales calls, how to sell your products while not being able to be in front of your customers. I have also offered a plan called Business as […]