Hiring The 21st Century Sales Person

It’s a new world out there, and what worked in sales for years just, well, just doesn’t cut it anymore. The old sales techniques like sales on the golf course, and at the bar, and friendship over common sense business, is a thing of the past. Looking for sales people today includes an entirely new […]

10 Tips For Making That First Meeting Successful!

Last week we talked about following up on those valuable leads to make sure that we turn them into gold. Everything was about making that first contact and getting that first face-to-face meeting with the target customer.  Getting that first meeting is a huge and important step towards turning those leads into gold, but now […]

5 Steps To Turning Leads Into Gold

Companies spend a lot of money getting their sales team leads. They buy directories, they use social media, they go to trade shows, they spend a lot of money on trades shows and other marketing and some of them, the smart ones write a PCB Designers’ Guide book with I-Connect 007. These are all really […]

Seven Great Cold Calling Tips

Cold calling, we all hate it right? Is that you groaning that I hear, because I even dared to bring up the subject? Most of you love those articles titled “Cold Calling is Dead”, tearing them out of the magazines and bringing them to your boss saying. See, see, I told you so.” But sorry […]

Don’t Be A Howser

Back in the dark ages when I started in this business, management styles were, well shall we say, a bit different. As a young employee at Maine Electronics, a Rockwell International board house, primarily focused on Rockwell’s own products such as the Minuteman Missile program, the F-111 fighter, the B-1 Bomber and the Space Shuttle, […]