Super Service Your Way To Customers For Life

Last week we talked about living in constant fear of losing your customers. About having a relationship with your customers that is so flimsy that one price cut will take them away from you. Now while this is true, customers can be fickle, especially in the first months of doing business, but in the end […]

Put A Dent In The World

How often do you hear this,  “Look, you guys are all the same, you all have the same quality and delivery, there is no difference between you and the other guy, so I’m just going on price. You’re all building the same product anyway so what does it matter?”  Or this,  “I can get my […]

Working Together: The Best Solution

Getting The North American PCB Industry Off Death Row Part 5 “It’s not fair, they are all working together, they all help each other out, you don’t know who owns what, and their government really owns them and gives them all kinds of funding to take over the entire Global PCB market!”  These are all […]