The Paid Audition

I read recently that 48% of all customers feel that the most critical time for a company to gain their loyalty is based on the first order. So, half of your customers are going to decide if they want to keep working with you based on that first order. Man, is that pressure or what? […]

Selling On Price Is A Losers Game

If you prospect for price you are going to get price oriented customers. You are only going to “buy” your way into an account and yes, you are going to set the precedent for the life of that account. So says Mark Hunter in his classic book High-Profit Prospecting published by Amacom. And allow me […]

PCBs, PCBs, Everywhere You Look!

It was the holidays, and everyone was out buying presents and gifts. A great time of the year! On Christmas morning as we sat by the roaring fire and opened our gifts, I started to count the number of printed circuits we received.  For twelve people, 65 gifts had printed circuits in them. Just our […]

Do You Have Prospects Or Just Suspects?

Do you ever feel you are barking up that proverbial wrong tree? Do you keep seeing the same people and getting nowhere? Do you sometimes wonder if you are in the right state? Or at the right company? Or with the right person? Scary thoughts aren’t they? Especially if any of them apply to you. […]