The Best Customer Service

  For the past week I have put my business books on the shelf in favor of books about kindness. Books with titles like; Random Acts of Kindness: How to Make it a Better World, Deep Kindness: A Revolutionary Guide for the Way We Think and Act in Kindness and Hope Kind Love: Channel Kindness, […]

Write Your Company’s Eulogy

Really, write your own company’s eulogy. I got the idea from Ron Lovett, the author of the book Brand Scaling Culture. I read the book last week and this suggestion has stayed with me ever since. Think about this. If your company died or disappeared one day, what would your customers say? Would they be […]

Do What You Do Well!

Do you know exactly what you do? Do you know exactly what your capabilities are? Most importantly do you have a good handle on what you cannot do? This is key to your success. You have to be real, and you have to be authentic. You cannot sell what you cannot do. Sounds pretty simple […]

Write Them A Letter

Certainly, getting in front of customers is never easy. And the past two pandemic years have made that even more difficult. For the most part salespeople have not been able to use their normal or traditional methods of selling. They have had to resort to Email and social media to get their sales message in […]