Dinner Is Not A Sales Strategy

“I can’t sell anything right now because of Covid. Customers don’t want to see me, their companies are closed up tight, they are working from home, I can’t take anyone to lunch, breakfast, dinner, coffee, beer, golf. I can’t sell without really seeing customers.” Really? Is this the extent of your sales ability? A lousy […]

Pride Of Product

I recently read that when workers see who is using the end product that they are working on their productivity increases by up to 10%. This factor applies to a range of occupations from how it affects people working on medical devices when they see in real life how their devices are used to save […]

Grow With The Power Of No!

There is nothing like rejection to increase your sales! Most of us feel that the worst thing about being in sales is the rejection. The fact that someone does not want what we have to sell. The feeling that someone does not like us enough to want to buy from us can be heartbreaking if […]