Great Vendors Ask Questions

Many of my exceptional clients, and they are all exceptional of course, are getting negative feedback from their customers because they ask too many questions. Questions, mind you, that are focused on making a better product for those customers in the end. Questions, that are meant to clarify some of the questionable data that the […]

The Cost Of Keeping A Customer

Experts estimate that we spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars acquiring new customers. When you think of all the money we spend on marketing, advertising, trade shows, websites, sales people, and their travel and other expenses you know these experts are right. I’ve read that one single sales visit will cost over five hundred […]

No Trust? No Customers!

Building trust with your customers will make them customers for life. No matter what else you do for your customers, you have to build trust. If you can get your customers to trust you they will stay with you for life…yes, even if you change companies. Over the years and in many columns, we have […]

Leaders Never Lie!

Must have Leadership Qualifications Are you the kind of leader who can inspire his troops to follow him through hell? Or the kind of leader that couldn’t get his people to follow him across the street to a free buffet? I have had both in my life and believe me the former is always better […]