The New Customer Audition

We all know how difficult and expensive it is to get a new customer. I have seen some surveys that claim that it can cost over $5,000 to acquire a new customer. This makes sense when you think of the branding, marketing, trade shows, content marketing, newsletters, and advertising, not to mention travel to meet […]

Making 2024 A Great Year!

  Make sure you are ready for the new year by starting to prepare early. The most successful companies spend a great deal of time studying the present year, focusing on what worked and what did not work. They also spend time looking at market trends to make sure they are able to not only […]

15 Ways To Improve Your Communication With Your Team

Show me an ineffective leader and I will show you a poor communicator. So often leadership is all about successfully conveying a message to the team. A true leader is able to deliver a solid and clear and yes, effective message, to those following her. Effective communications have often shaped history. Like this one from […]