What’s Wrong With Reps?

  How to fix this rep thing This is a question I get asked on practically a daily basis by PCB shop owners and leaders. They tell me that they are just not getting out of their reps what they used to. They tell me that their reps are not getting out there enough, not […]

It’s Your Website. Own It!

Please, please do not believe that website “experts” can tell your story…they cannot. Yes they know how to put web sites together, they know all about sitemaps and what you should have first and second and if they are very good they can develop and design very good, very comprehensive web sites that are easy […]

No, These Are Not The Worst Of Times

It seems that for whatever reason people want to say that these times are worse than any other. People say we are heading for a recession and that we should all be scared of what is going to happen. When I ask salespeople what is going on out there they tell me that their customers […]