Developing Great Leaders

Nothing new here. As all of us know, the biggest challenge facing any business today, regardless of your industry, is the lack of good, qualified people. And an even bigger challenge than that is finding people to lead the people we do already have on board. There are just not enough good leaders today. Notice […]

Be a Change Monger

I have always felt that one of the most important characteristics a leader can have is that of being  a change embracer. A person who not only anticipates change, but looks forward to it, will always have a distinct advantage over people who hate change.  Change is inevitable, it is always going to happen ,so […]

A Frictionless Future

People and companies want things to be as easy as possible. Online streaming, online buying, online everything has created a buyer’s expectation that is higher than it has ever been. I have read a number of articles where the writers are outraged, and I mean OUTRAGED! That the streaming networks like HULU and Amazon Prime […]

The Future of Sales!

This is going to blow your mind! From the book titled appropriately, The Future of Sales, by John Asher, here is the new scenario for sales as we exit the Covid era. Some of these changes are due to Covid, but most of them were about to occur anyway, the pandemic simply serving as the […]

Be A Multiplier!

  Full disclosure: the ideas in this column are based on a book on leadership by Liz Wiseman titled Multipliers: How Great Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. It’s a brand new update from the version that was published over ten years ago, so it’s been totally validated for our times. To be honest, I casually picked […]