Hey Kids, Listen up! (Some Advice For Millennials)

Don’t you love getting advice from grey beards like me? I bet you can’t wait to hear our war stories abut the good old days, right? I’m sure you just sit there and listen politely until our backs are turned and then your eyes just about roll out of your head. I know, I know, […]

The Devil Is In The Details

So often we only talk about the obvious tools and tactics we need to be a successful sales person, so much so, that we overlook some of the smaller details that could help us be successful, those that could give us an edge over our competition. They say that the devil is in the details […]

Creating Sales Heroes

The making of the best sales team in the world So many people spend time tearing down their sales people. Blaming all of their woes, and worries, on the very people who can make or break a company. I once worked for a PCB shop owner who insisted on having a very expensive annual sales […]

A Day In The Life Of A Salesperson

This will be a sales person who has a territory away from the company, so she is operating out of fully equipped home office where she has everything she needs to conduct her business. Her required reporting is a weekly status report of her activities during the week as well as her plan for the […]

Upselling: The Magic Road To Profitability

Everyone upsells, it’s the best way to increase your margins. The famous, “want fries with that?” is an upsell. Super sizing is upselling. That maintenance plan on your washer and dryer is upselling. That rust coating on your car, whatever that was…was upselling. Notice how when you buy a new laptop for $600 it’s still […]