Book Recommendation: The Excellence Dividend: Meeting the Tech Tide with Work That Wows and Jobs That Last

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Book Recommendation

From: Dan Beaulieu


The Excellence Dividend: Meeting the Tech Tide with Work That Wows and Jobs That Last

By Tom Peters

Copyright 2018 Vintage/ Trade Paperback

Price $ 17.00

Pages: 460

Peters is back and he’s better than ever!

If you, like me, wait for a Tom Peters book the way some people wait for a new Stephen King novel then you’re in luck because Tom finally has a new book and it’s a winner.

This book covers a myriad of topics in pure Tom Peters fashion. Who but Tom Peters could bring good old meat and potatoes common sense logic to this fast-moving new world order of social media and techno faux-communications.

Here are just a few smatterings from our national treasures of business gurus:

Whoever tries the most stuff wins, whoever screws up the most stuff sins

For every engineer and marketer on the experience design team, you need an artist, psychologist, musician, theater director and perhaps a shaman. Oh yeah, you’ve got that right Tom!

And talking about social media, here are Tom’s “Big Five”

  • Five minutes to lose a reputation that took twenty years to build
  • 100 percent on employees in the brand with authority to act independently.
  • Single twitter exchange equals one Super Bowl ad
  • Small town/small company/best in world via social media presence
  • Zmot/zero moment of truth.

Here are 15 chapters covering everything from Execution, to Excellence, to Innovation, to Design (my personal favorite), to the art of listening Tom covers all combines all aspects of doing business today with the common sense historical values of doing business for the past hundred years.

The best part of this book is Tom Peters, that he is back and as vital a business, nay a life voice as ever. Those of you who have followed Peters know what I mean, those of you who have never heard of him, put down your phone and read this book, it will rock your world.

One last luring tidbit from this book:

Every meeting that does not stir the imagination AND curiosity of attendees AND increase bonding AND cooperation and engagement AND sense of worth AND motivate rapid action AND enhance enthusiasm is a PLO/Permanently Lost Opportunity