Remember Who Is Really Doing The Work

Those of us who have spent our lives in sales, sometimes forget who really matters. As we pursue those elusive orders or solve problems, meet challenges, and soothe angry customers, it is easy for us to forget those who are really doing the work. The ones who are back at the shop, sweating it out […]

What Makes A Great Leader?

There is an old axiom that goes behind every messed-up company is a messed-up leader, the real version is somewhat more graphic, but this is a g-rated rated publication and I respect that, heck you never know when a six your old might want to read this column. Anyway, any version you use of this saying it’s […]

Marketing Your Rep Firm

Who are you and what are you doing here? If you want to stand out as a rep company, you have to get your name out there. And that means getting involved in some good old marketing and branding. The good news, is that there are practically no rep companies paying any attention to marketing […]

Customer Service Is Everywhere!

It’s all customer service… all of it! Whatever you do, everything you do in a company is all a version of customer service. Just like everyone in your company is a sales person, everyone in your company is a customer service representative. From the owner to the person in shipping to the person in plating […]

What’s The Question?

Asking the right questions will lead to sales I have a question for you.  Or actually, more than one. Are you asking the right questions? When you are face to face with a customer, especially a new prospect, do you have a list of the right questions to ask? Are you like a good lawyer, […]