Book Review:‘If Harry Potter Ran General Electric’

We’ve heard from everyone else—from Santa Claus and Teddy Roosevelt to Atilla the Hun—so why not the world’s greatest wizard? That’s right, now Harry Potter has gotten into the act. To be honest, this is a clever and entertaining little book, especially if you are a reader of the Harry Potter books. But don’t worry […]

 The Secret—What Great Leaders Know and Do

The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do Here is the simple truth of leadership from one of the most concise books on leadership I’ve ever read. This is actually the 10th anniversary edition and marks over half a million copies sold. So, I guess I’m not the only one who appreciates this one. Of […]

Experts Never Chase—The Hassle-Free Guide for Expert-Based Entrepreneurs

Experts Never Chase: The Hassle-Free Guide for Expert-Based Entrepreneurs A couple years back I developed a short webinar called “Business as Usual: Selling when you can’t visit customers.” It came in handy as I helped salespeople try to maneuver the choppy waters of doing business during a pandemic. If I had had this book, I […]

TeamWork—How to Build a High-Performance Team

Interesting fact: Out of 31.5 million small- to mid-size business in this country, 25 million list one employee—the owner. The next 5.3 million business in the group have two to 15 employees, and get this, only the last 600,000 business have more than 15 employees. Frankly, I was shocked by these statistics, enough to make […]