You Gotta Love The Dead!

Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead Yes, that’s right you Deadheads, it’s time to not only appreciate their music but appreciate the marketing lessons that you can learn from them. No this is not a joke, far from it, this is serious, deadly serious, these lessons come from the book Marketing Lessons from the Grateful […]

Delegate And Elevate

One of the great things about being a manager, not just a sales manager which I always write about in this forum, but any manager, is the opportunity to mentor, challenge, educate, lead and most importantly inspire the members of your team to do things they did not think they could do, and help them […]

New Salespeople For A New World!

We are seeing the evolution of salespeople. It is no secret that many of our sales professionals are aging out, they are retiring or moving out to that great golf course in the sky. As they exit the premises so do some age old practices that go with them. In our own sales lifetimes, we […]

The New Labor Force

The gap between employee and employer in business is now considered one of the biggest challenges we face today. Our hiring base is vastly different from what it always was, and we are going to have to adapt if we want to be able to meet our workforce requirements. This is not the greatest generation […]