Salespeople Say The Darndest Things

If we only had (whatever it is your company doesn’t have) I could double my forecast.  Your product is your product, sell what you have, not what you don’t have. If we only had the spec or qualification we could double our sales, everyone is asking for it now.  Same as the last excuse. Sell […]

Great Salespeople Find A Way 

I once heard a sales motivational speaker talk about excuses salespeople make for not selling. He had a routine that went something like this.  You can never sell on Monday, people are just getting back to work, and they don’t want to be bothered with talking to a salesperson. They will get aggravated if you […]

Sales Is A Team Effort

Look, let’s face it, it’s much too easy to blame the salespeople for a lack of sales. So many times, I have heard frustrated operations people blame the sales team for a lack of adequate bookings. But ironically, if their sales team starts booking more sales, they will say that the sales team just got […]

Getting Intimate With Your Customers

No, relax, it’s not what you think. This is about getting so close to your customers that you have a clear and concise understanding of what they need from a great supplier!. Too often we feel as if all that matters to our customers is price and yes, sometimes delivery but for the most part, […]

Write Them A Letter

Certainly, getting in front of customers is never easy. And the past two pandemic years have made that even more difficult. For the most part salespeople have not been able to use their normal or traditional methods of selling. They have had to resort to Email and social media to get their sales message in […]

The Future of Sales!

This is going to blow your mind! From the book titled appropriately, The Future of Sales, by John Asher, here is the new scenario for sales as we exit the Covid era. Some of these changes are due to Covid, but most of them were about to occur anyway, the pandemic simply serving as the […]

Cold Calling: You’re Going To Hate This

Okay you’re going to hate this. If you are a salesperson, you are going to really hate this column. But this is a basic sales and marketing column and at least once a year I am obligated by law to do a column on the much hated, dreaded and feared of all duties of a […]

Here Comes 2022: Planning For A Great New Year

We are already only five weeks away from a new year!  If you haven’t started working on your planning for 2022 you are almost too late! And since I have been in the industry since before dust, I know for a fact that most of you have not even thought about it yet, much less […]

Customer…Job 1

A survey I read recently said that 76% of the companies they polled admitted that it is now easier than ever to switch vendors. Yikes! And I believe it. I know that our own industry has become very dynamic. Now more than ever our customers are open to making changes. The bad news is that […]

People Hate Being Sold. So Don’t Sell Them

People hate being sold. Of course, people want things. If they are in the business of buying and using PCBs for example, they need to buy them. But they want to feel they are in control. They want to “decide” on their own, (or so they think) without someone chattering in their ear about how […]