Loving Your Customers

Great customer care goes far beyond great service. It means truly caring for your customers to the point of loving them like your own family and friends. Consider what that means. Loving your customers is not just a lofty ideal but a fundamental principle for achieving sustained business success. When companies genuinely care for their […]

Don Draper On Business And Marketing

I have always said that I am weary of people who don’t eat meat and claim they don’t watch TV. As readers of this column know, I am always amazed by what we can learn from television, especially good television like the AMC Original Program “Madmen.” This series presented a virtual treasure trove of sayings, […]

The Times They Are A Changing

The line it is drawn The curse it is cast The slow one now Will later be fast As the present now Will later be past The order is rapidly fadin’ And the first one now Will later be last For the times they are a-changin’ – Robert Zimmerman And how they are! I have […]

Who The Heck Is Seth Godin?

And why you need to get to know him if you are serious about modern marketing techniques. When I was in the Iconnect booth at IPC APEX EXPO 24 a few weeks back I was tremendously pleased to see a photo of my marketing hero Seth Godin flashing on their large screens. To me that […]