You Have To Be Impactful!

Are you making an impact? At your job? In your career? In your life? No matter how hard you work, no matter how much dedication and work ethic you have, if you don’t develop a strategy to be impactful, it will all be for nothing. Being impactful means making a difference. It means being able […]

Why? Why? Why Are You In Business?

What is your mandate? People can tell you what their company does, they can do that all night long. They can also tell how they do it and yes, they can tell you who they do it for. But they can seldom tell you why? Why do they do it?  What is the purpose of […]

Get Ready For Price Increases

Okay you know they are coming. In fact, in many cases, they have already hit. Our PCB and PCBA companies are going to have to raise their prices this year. No, it is not a matter of greed. No, they are not trying to gouge you. No,  they are not trying to take advantage of […]

IPC Apex Expo Is Done. Now What?

So, you spent last week in San Diego attending the IPC Apex Expo. You made a lot of good contacts. You talked to a lot  of people. You spent time with potential customers trying to convince them to buy your goods and services. You spent time with the right vendors checking out their products and […]