The Art Of Leadership

How to tell if you have a true leader in your midst. Great leaders make things happen. Great leaders inspire people to follow their mission. Great leaders don’t force people to do things, they inspire them to do things, the right things. They make their followers want to do what needs to be done to […]

Groundbreaking Marketing Stories From The Past

Let’s have some fun! We’ve been pretty serious lately, delving into ways to be better and make our companies better and our customers love us. It’s time to loosen that proverbial tie (when is the last time you saw someone wear one of those?) and talk about some fun marketing stuff. I did my homework […]

Dare To Be Great

We all know it is hard out there right now. I have spent the past few weeks taking calls from salespeople who are more than a little discouraged, wondering what is going on. Everyone seems to be looking for answers as to why they aren’t making their numbers. Some of them blame China, some blame […]

11 More Ideas For Selling In Tough Times

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about what to do if sales are slow or down. Since then, things have not gotten much better. I have to agree with what people are saying.  Yes, as far as I can see, things have slowed down in terms of PCB sales. Not only here, but […]