Book Recommendation: Combo Prospecting: The Powerful One-Two Punch the Fills Your Pipeline and Wins Sales

Book Recommendation

From: Dan Beaulieu


Combo Prospecting: The Powerful One-Two Punch the Fills Your Pipeline and Wins Sales

By Tony J. Hughes

Copyright 2018 Amacon

Price $ 18.95

Pages: 244 with index

A New and Effective Approach in the 21st Century

How do you get to the people who matter? How do you get to the C-Level decision makers when these poor people are literally deluged with request for their attention coming at them from all avenues? From old fashion phone calls to cold calling to social media to Facebook and Linkedin these people are being attacked from all sides,

Mr. Hughes has come up with a series of unique techniques combining social media and traditional methods to get to the right people with the right message using the right techniques.

By using today’s tools of communications with yesterday’s proven strategies the author has created a sales process that followed properly is guaranteed to work.

Covering topics from relationship selling, to creating your own on-line brand, to social listening, getting though to not only CEO’s but board members as well, this important book equips today’s sales people with every tool they will need to make their forecasts and more.

One of the more valuable insights in the book is the section on becoming a trusted advisor, which I personally have always believed is the ultimate goal of any sales person, to earn the customer’s trusted advisor,

As for what is the problem with most sales people, here is some insight from a CEO:

The number one problem with sales people is not having enough in the pipeline…

More root issues are:

  • Enough know-how in driving sales success through old-school high levels of effective activity combined with new school digital engagement.
  • Lack of customer industry knowledge or poor understanding of the client
  • Inability to leverage personal networks and technologies to find the right path for connection with decision-makers
  • Inadequate insight and value narrative needed for senior engagement.

And again, from the book some insight from an executive, and I condense:

  • I only meet people after a warm introduction from someone I know and trust
  • Cultivate multiple stakeholders in my company and educate them on your solution too.
  • Don’t be creepy personal, stick to business Amen to that!
  • Do your research, seeking a conversation with me without doing your homework is unprofessional and shows a lack of respect
  • Know my industry
  • Don’t appear arrogant
  • Take the time to know how I define success
  • Aspire to be a trusted advisor…act in our best interest

Good advice from a person who matters. In this case an executive who has take the time to educate us as sales people on who to work with his company.

This book is filled with this kind of valuable information and insights. But I warn you this book is only for people who are dead serious about being successful, people who are willing to invest a great deal of time and energy in being the best. If that is you, then this is the book for you!

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