The Perfect Candidate

Continuing our series on finding and hiring the best people for today and for the future of the company, today we’re going to talk about the ideal candidate for the position you are trying to fill. Just like in sales where we develop the ideal customer profile, the same thing applies for the ideal candidate. […]

Hiring The Right People

According to my talks with companies all around the country the biggest problem facing us today is that of getting the right people and in some cases any people to come to work for us. The fact is though, that up until about five years ago we did not spend much time focusing on the […]

Planning For A Great 2023

Here we are again. Yes, it’s that time of the year. It’s time to start getting ready for 2023.  If your company has been doing great this year, then this is an opportunity to review what worked, why you have been succeeding in 2022 and build on that, do more of the same and maybe […]

It’s Just Not Common Sense

I’ve been reading a slew of customer service books lately which is always something I enjoy. Since starting in this business eons ago I have spent a lot of time thinking how we could do things better. Actually, I spend a lot of time thinking about how everything could be better, not just service but […]

Is Your  Company A Hero Or A Zero?

Many times, we can be too close to the problem to see it. The old forest for the trees predicament. Often when this occurs it’s time to step back and do a full evaluation of the situation. It’s time to take a clear and unadulterated look at your company and yourself as the leader of […]

Creating A Great Company Culture

Let me ask you a few questions: Does everyone in your company know what your company’s vision is? If not everyone then how many? Does everyone in your company know what your company’s strategy is? If not everyone then how many? Does everyone in your company know who your ideal customer is? If not everyone […]

Need Good People? Develop Them Yourselves

There is an ever growing shortage of experienced professionals in our field these days. Whether we are talking about PCB design, fabrication or assembly, finding the right seasoned professionals is now a serious problem. Actually, more than a problem because there just are not as many as there used to be. Many have changed careers […]

The Compassionate Leader

Yes leaders, true leaders, have to be compassionate. They need to understand the needs of their people and they have to understand the needs of their customers. Compassion and empathy are the new barometer with which we measure the effectiveness of today’s leader. No less a leader than Satya Nadella of Microsoft said it best […]

The Way Life Will Be

Or rather the way life is becoming. I recently read a book titled “2029: Guide to the Future” by futurist Oleg Tumarkin. In the book the author talks about what he predicts life will be like in the year 2029. But what is interesting is that he wrote the book in 2018 – pre Covid […]

Great Salespeople Find A Way 

I once heard a sales motivational speaker talk about excuses salespeople make for not selling. He had a routine that went something like this.  You can never sell on Monday, people are just getting back to work, and they don’t want to be bothered with talking to a salesperson. They will get aggravated if you […]