What Are You Afraid Of?

  The fear of “No” When you get right down to it, the reason most salespeople are so scared of getting out there in front of customers and potential customers is the fear of the word “No”. That dreadful tiny little word that has so often ruined sales careers. Think about that for a minute. […]

Learning Customer Service From TV

I am currently in the middle of a great book by Will Guidara called “Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect.” And yes it’s about my new favorite subject: customer service…exceptional customer service and how it can affect not only the way your business is run but what your customers […]

The Benefits of Failure

A wise man once advised me not to let small failures become big ones. He meant that failure is a valuable component of life and business. The characteristic of a great golfer is how he bounces back on the next hole after having a bad one. The same applies to anyone who is striving for […]

It’s The Little Things That Matter

When it comes to business-to-business customer service it is often the little things that matter. Many companies focus on the big things and ignore the little “softer things” that really in the end create a great customer experience. There is an old adage (actually I just made it up!) that goes;  “The higher the technology […]

What Are You Afraid Of?

I have to admit that when working with companies I get frustrated by their fear of, well, everything. I have always believed in the FDR statement. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” That is as true a statement today as it was ninety years ago when that great president said it. […]

Great Customer Service Stories

Okay I can’t help myself when it comes to customer service. Great customer service. I love to hear examples of when a company went the extra mile to help a customer out. There are so many examples of poor to terrible customer service that it is aways so much more meaningful to hear about some […]

 The Other Attributes of a Successful Salesperson

  In the world of sales, success is not solely determined by hitting quotas or closing deals. A truly exceptional salesperson possesses a unique blend of creativity and innovation that sets her apart from the rest. A great salesperson does not follow the conventional path; he  forges new trails, breaks boundaries, and continuously adapts to […]

The Modern Way to Sell

  I have to laugh when salespeople try to convince me that selling today is harder than ever. They wax poetic about the good old days when they could visit customers, buy them a beer and a burger and book the order. Listen, I was around in the so-called good old days, and they weren’t […]

The New Customer Audition

We all know how difficult and expensive it is to get a new customer. I have seen some surveys that claim that it can cost over $5,000 to acquire a new customer. This makes sense when you think of the branding, marketing, trade shows, content marketing, newsletters, and advertising, not to mention travel to meet […]