Are You Selling What Your Customers Want?

Our customers will buy what they want, now what we want to sell. That is kind of a pain isn’t it? No matter how great our product is. No matter how compelling our sales pitch is. No matter how absolutely convinced we are that our customer should be buying what we’re selling. If that customer […]

Great Salespeople Never Quit!

If you are in sales and you treat it like, well just a job, you will never succeed. You have to do it with intensity and passion and seriousness. This is the life you chose. This is how you make your living. This is what you do to put bread on the table. This in […]

Kick Start Your Sales Today!

Are you stuck in those sales doldrums, the bane of even the best salespeople? You know what I’m talking about. Everything has come to a standstill. You’re not even hearing from your good customers. You are not getting any answers on those quotes that looked so promising when you sent them. You are sitting at […]

We Are The Alchemists

  I recently talked to a board shop owner who had a customer visit from a large military OEM. There were four younger engineers in the group and they had never been in a PCB shop before. When they were invited to tour the facility, they were actually stunned at the amount of equipment, people, […]

Listening Again and Again

Every now and then I feel the urge to write about listening. Yes, that great art, of not only listening but going the extra mile and hearing. I know that I have done a column on this subject before, actually maybe about once a year. But it still needs to be brought up, maybe for […]

Salespeople Say The Darndest Things

If we only had (whatever it is your company doesn’t have) I could double my forecast.  Your product is your product, sell what you have, not what you don’t have. If we only had the spec or qualification we could double our sales, everyone is asking for it now.  Same as the last excuse. Sell […]

Keeping Your New Hire For Life

You have searched high and low, you have recruited, interviewed, selected, and negotiated to the point where you have your new employee and then finally you have put her through a formal new hire orientation and training program, you have assigned her a mentor and now she is a full fledged member of your team. […]

Employee Orientation and Training

Now that you have spent all that time and effort finding the right candidate the next step is to make sure she has a proper orientation to not only your company but the industry as well. I’ll preface this column to point out that this will be focused on electronics manufacturing and that this program […]