Catching Up With John Johnson, New Director of Business Development at ASC

It’s always good to catch up with old friends, especially when you can start working together. I recently spoke with with my friend John Johnson, who has joined American Standard Circuits as the director of business development. At ASC, John will be using the Averatek A-SAP process that he was previously involved with. He shares […]

Catching Up With Gardien’s Niraj Patel

I worked with Gardien a few years back and walked away very impressed not only with its people and the company but some of the very important things they are doing for the industry as well. I have always been fascinated by this company, especially two particular services they offer. First, they embed their team […]

Catching Up With Sean McConville, Niche Electronics

Niche Electronics is one of my favorite companies to check in on, not only because I like them, but I believe they exemplify what a good PCBA company has been doing the past few years. They have two locations on the cutting edge of technology; this is a company on the way up, which is […]

Catching up with EISO Enterprises’ President Gary Chien

While there are many Chinese companies now selling in the United States, I wanted to find one in Taiwan that is penetrating the U.S. market. I was delighted to come across EISO Enterprise Co. Ltd., a printed circuit board fabricator located in Taiwan. I know that the American companies are usually looking for PCB global […]

Catching Up With Archer Circuits’ Echo Yang

July 6, 2021 I was thrilled when Echo Yang called to talk about her company, Archer Circuits. And the more she talked, the more I liked her story. Echo is a 37-year-old woman who started her own trading company. She is well-educated, well-trained, and well-spoken; she is filled with ambition and passion for what she […]

Catching Up With Alpha Circuit’s Prashant Patel

April 2022 There is plenty of evidence that the American PCB industry is going through a revitalization. While a few new companies are being established, others are being rejuvenated as investors gain more interest and confidence in domestic PCB companies. I reached out to Prashant Patel, owner and president of Alpha Circuit I LLC in […]

Catching Up With ASC’s Bob Duke

(November 16, 2022) Bob Duke has been involved in global sourcing for over 20 years, and by global sourcing, it’s far beyond basic PCBs and PCBAs. Bob was doing this sort of thing before it was cool. He has been involved in everything from metal and plastic fabrication to cables and wire harnesses— just about […]