Book Recommendation – Unlimited Sales Success: 12 Simple Steps for Selling More Than You Ever Thought Possible

dan-3A book recommendation from Dan Beaulieu:

Unlimited Sales Success: 12 Simple Steps for Selling More Than you ever thought possible

By Brian Tracy and Michael Tracy

Copyright 2016 Amacom

Price: $22.95

Pages: 259: With Index

This is another book by the great Brian Tracy (and his son Michael in this case) that everyone remotely involved with sales should read. Dealing with everything from how to select the right prospect to spend your valuable time with; to what to say when the customer wants to talk about your price; to closing techniques this book is a virtual sales primer.

I was especially interested in the chapter getting your first-time customers to that second and third order which is in my opinion one of the greatest challenges sales people face today.

One on chapter the Tracys talk about the “new model of selling” which is based first of all on creating trust which as they say is the glue that holds relationships together. Then on developing a completely understanding of what the person/company wants and needs this is critical. And finally the thirds part of the “new model of selling” which is properly presenting your products or services making sure to match them perfectly to your customers’ needs. As they say, “Like a hand in a glove, your solution should fit their expressed needs.

The one part of the book I found very intriguing let’s say was the description of following the Japanese technique of jujutsu which means the “gentle art” or “flexible technique” for handling objections:

  • Do not use objectionable terms

  • Anticipate and address objections: if they get used to you calling attention to points of contention they will let their guard down.

  • Use the structure of your presentation while interlacing answers to common objections as you go along. The idea being to skip objections altogether whenever possible and go directly to the close of the sale.

Very interesting indeed.

There are action exercises at the end of each chapter that do a very good job of not only summarizes the chapter but asking questions designed to make the reader stop and reflect upon what she has just read.

The section dealing with price objections is priceless. The authors provide a series of questions to ask the customer when he says that your price is too high.

  1. Why do you say that?

  2. Why do you feel that way?

  3. Is price your only concern

By using these questions and then practicing the art of listening you will be able to take the customer through a process that will allow you to demonstrate the true value of your product over you competitors. Try it, I did and it works.

Get this book it will serve you well.

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