Experts Never Chase—The Hassle-Free Guide for Expert-Based Entrepreneurs


Experts Never Chase: The Hassle-Free Guide for Expert-Based Entrepreneurs

A couple years back I developed a short webinar called “Business as Usual: Selling when you can’t visit customers.” It came in handy as I helped salespeople try to maneuver the choppy waters of doing business during a pandemic. If I had had this book, I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble.

This book takes us to the next level of selling. The authors demonstrate from their own experience how to get close to clients on a more valuable and personal way than “selling them.”

As the adage goes, people like to buy things, they just don’t want to be sold. We’re all like this. Most of the time we can see a sales pitch coming from a mile away and we start deflecting it before it gets closer than that mile. We just don’t like sales pitches.

This book helps us learn how to become so close and valuable to our customers that they want us to not sell them but offer them a solution to their problems. They already know we have the right solutions by the groundwork we have already laid.

From developing an ideal customer profile with all the “trimmings,” customizing your solution for your ideal target customer, to delivering your message in such a way that that ideal customers know you have the solution she wants, the process is all outlined in this book by authors Cat Stancik and Tobin Slaven.

Their “talk less and listen more” strategy is, of course, the right approach to all conscientious selling, no matter what the product or service. The authors have developed a four-step plan to winning new business without chasing the customer, or as they pronounced it, without being a “Pitchy Pete or Leg Humper.”

There are succinct chapters on everything needed in the sales process, including developing the ideal customer profile, developing a list of the “Big 5 Criteria” of your customers’ needs, engaging in meaningful conversation, overcoming objections, and the all-important follow up. This book has everything a salesperson needs to take their sales performance and results to the next level and beyond.

The authors show us how to become so helpful to your customers that they truly feel that you are in their corner; that you are there to help them. That you are someone they cannot only trust but turn to in their times of trouble.

There is an entire section of questions designed to accommodate different milestones in the sales process including beyond the sale.

There is a section on troubleshooting, including advice on how to turn a friendly conversation into a sales conversation while maintaining the same comfort level. It identifies the most common objections from your ideal clients and provides practice to overcome them.

I honestly believe that we can all learn from this book, especially the last section which deals with follow up, handling objections, and turning the sale around when most salespeople would have walked away in frustration and moved on to the next potential customer having learned next to nothing.

What I find really interesting is that I got this book for free with my Kindle subscription or I would have paid 99 cents without the subscription. It’s $25 if I had bought the hardcover. That is some deal. Check it out and get your copy. Heck, if you’re smart, you get one for all your sales team.

Experts Never Chase: The Hassle-Free Guide for Expert-Based Entrepreneurs

Authors: Cat Stancik and Tobin Slaven

Copyright: 2021 by the Penguin Group

Pages: 215 with Index

Price: Kindle, $.99/Hardcover, $24.99