Twelve Things You Can Do To Get Your Sales Moving Again

It seems that all of a sudden the salespeople I work with can’t do anything. The calls and meetings I have with them are filled with negative statements like: “I can’t get appointments.” “No one answers the phone.” “Everyone I used to know and work with is gone.” “Nobody wants to see suppliers.” Some companies don’t even give their purchasing people phones.” Really? Come on now.

But the reality is that business is down right now, and people don’t know why. Sure, everyone has a theory based on their own personal opinions like it’s the other party’s fault, or it’s China’s fault, or we didn’t put enough in the collection plate last Sunday, or its China’s fault, or it’s the component shortage, or people ordered too much last month, or it’s China’s fault, or their kids are going to college, or August is a vacation month or it’s China’s fault. Okay, you get the picture.

Well, it’s my job to turn a deaf ear to this kind of thinking, or should I say whining. Whether it is true or not I have to ignore it. When I hear all of this whining and all of these excuses I always ask what would Ricky Roma do? What would Ross Perot do? What would Zig Ziglar do? What would Seth Godin do? I know that those guys would not sit around complaining. Those guys would find a way. They would figure it out and come out on top in the end…like they always do. And if they can do it, then everybody should be able to do it…if they have the right attitude, ambitions, and creativity.

So, if you’re one of those salespersons who is stuck right now, get out of your funk, and read on. Here are twelve things you can do to get things moving again.

  1. Do Something. Anything: This is pretty obvious, stop whining and do something. There is an age-old sales axiom that goes, if you do something, something will happen.
  2. Self-reflection and analysis: Take the time to assess your situation. Take a look at how you are doing things. Are you doing everything you should or could be doing? Be honest. Figure out what you could be doing better.
  3. Reconnect with past customers: Go look for old friends, people you know will see you. Top salespeople know the value of nurturing existing relationships. Offer them new solutions. If they don’t have any business for you, ask them for referrals.
  4. Market research: Re-evaluate your market’s demands. They might have changed. Maybe you can offer them something they want now instead of yesterday’s solutions. Look for shifts in your customers’ preferences and find a way to meet those shifts.
  5. Change your value proposition: re-align your offerings. Ask the customers what they need and then come up with a way to meet those needs. Come up with new products and services that resonate with the customers.
  6. Skill enhancement: This is one that salespeople almost never do. Work on yourself. Learn new skills. Read books, take an online course. Listen to motivational speakers. Study what others have done to be successful and copy them.
  7. Network: Turn to your own network. Talk to other salespeople, but beware of the pity party, you don’t need that. Talk to positive people about positive ways to get things moving for both of you. Collaborate with others in your network. Maybe, you can come up with a total solution by combining your products and services. This can be very powerful.
  8. Creative prospecting: Yes get out of that box. Stop doing things the way you’ve always done them and find new and innovative ways to do things. Be brave, try unconventional tactics, Surprise your customers with your creativity.
  9. Goal setting and planning:  Set accurate and specific goals and then follow them. Create doable milestones that will take you down the path to success. As you accomplish each step you will gain momentum, urging you to take the next step and then the next.
  10. Persistent follow-ups: This is one of those hard ones that does pay off. I know this can be tough, the phone calling, the checking in, the rejection. But it all works, and it is really what being a salesperson entails. Do it every single day and it will pay off.
  11. Have a routine: Get up every day with a plan for what you are going to do that day. And follow that plan diligently. Make sure your plan is productive and will lead to getting the right things done and before you know it things will start to happen.
  12. Psych yourself up: Get into a positive state of mind by whatever method you can. Read an inspirational book. Watch an inspirational movie. Listen to loud and exciting music that will get your blood flowing and make you feel like you can conquer the world. You know what I’m talking about, we’ve all been there. There is no better time than when you are down to find a way to psych yourself up!

If you follow these twelve suggestions you will get out of your doldrums, you will stop listing the things you can’t do and start replacing them with the things you can do on your road to success. It’s only common sense.