A Book Recommendation From Dan Beaulieu: Be a Network Marketing Leader By Mary Christensen

Book Recommendation

From: Dan Beaulieu


Be a Network Marketing Leader

By Mary Christensen

Copyright 2016 Amacom

Price: $16.00

Pages: 210 with index

Now what I expected: A pleasant surprise

This is an interesting book that I almost did not read. The reason being, full disclosure here is that I am not really a fan of network marketing per se.

I know people have made a lot of money with it. I know that companies like Amway and Mary Kay offer people a great and vibrant way to make a living but it’s just not my thing, not the way I like to do business. But then…

This book intrigued me. It kept calling me back. For some reason I felt that I might learn something from this book by Networking expert Mary Christensen so I finally picked it up one Friday afternoon and gave it a read. And you know I was right. There was a lot in this book then I ended up learning from. No I have to admit that I still will never be a network marketing person. I am not one of those people that interested in person to person sales but here is what I did learn from this book.

I learned how to grow a network of qualified .buyers. They do not have to be buyers in a direct marketing chain, but they are my customers the kind of customer I sell my consulting services to.

I learned how to use social to grow my own personal base. The chapter on social media is excellent.

I learned how to better get along with people, how to not only exchange ideas, but also how to help one another so that we can all succeed.

I learned how to create my own network of like-minded people. Not to sell things to one another but rather to help one another succeed in selling our goods and services to common customers; and how to put our skills and services together in a cooperative and complementary way offering our customers and deeper and wider solution.

I learn how to be a better communicator. How to more effectively get my message across and how to better relay my story to my customer base.

So in the end I did pick this book up and I did read it and I did learn quite a bit. As I said earlier I will never be a Network Marketing leader in the way the people in this book are. But I will be a better marketing person based on what I learned in this book.

So all I can say is whatever your personal preference. Whatever you are selling this is still a book you should read and learn from.

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