Are You A True Salesperson?


The “It” Factor

As this year ends, and the new year is almost upon us, we should all do a little soul searching, a little self-evaluation, to make sure we still have “it”. A “tune up” if you will, to make sure that we still have “it”. “It” being the thing that makes us great sales people. The “It” that causes us to wake up every morning ready to go; ready to get out there and make those sales. The “It” that drives us to be successful even when we don’t really feel like it.

Here are the characteristics of a truly great sales person. I would recommend, at the risk of sounding a bit immodest, that you not only just read these characteristics but print them in a place where you can see them every single day

Here then, are the characteristics of a truly great sales person. Hopefully you will find these very same qualities in self-evaluation:

Are you a true sales person?

  • A true sales person is always closing.
  • A true sales person is always driving the conversation to a sale.
  • A true sales person never apologizes for his product.
  • A true sales person loves her products and is always happy to be telling someone about them.
  • A true sales person finds a way to do business with a customer. No matter what the customer says at first, never cut him off by saying “we don’t do that”. Instead start an exploratory conversation with the customer to find out what her needs truly are and see if there is a way you can meet those needs. Sales is a process. A slow dance where you are trying to get your customer to see the value of buying from you.
  • A true sales person believes in his product completely, to the point where he feels the customer is missing out by not buying from him
  • A true sales person knows there is no shame is selling.  
  • A true sales person will ask for the order. She knows that here is no shame at all in asking for the order. She has a solution that the buyer needs buy so she sells it to him with extreme prejudice.
  • A true sales person embraces what he is. He is not ashamed, embarrassed or apologetic about being a sales person. It is what he is, and he is proud of it. To him it is a career not a job. He is proud of that and does his best to live up to it.
  • A true sales person is so in love with her product, that she is not  afraid to brag about her it to anyone who cares to listen. If it’s a great product. If it’s not, then she goes out and finds a product that is great. Over the long run, no one has ever successfully sold an inferior product. Sales people need to spend all their time selling…not apologizing.
  • A true sales person will do whatever it takes to make that sale. He will go to any extreme to convince his customers that his (the sales person’s) solution is the best for that customer.
  • A true sales person works hard day and night, doing whatever it takes to be successful
  • A true sales person does her homework. She learns everything she can about the customers she is calling on.
  • A true sales person considers the art of selling a craft. His craft, and he is always trying to hone his skills by reading books, watching videos and going to seminars to teach himself to be a great sales person
  • A true sales person is curious about everything including what her customers needs are. She will study her customers intensely, so she can develop a great strategic tactical plan to win that large customer.
  • A true sales person always looks his best, smart and professional. Knowing that if he looks the part, he will be the part.
  • A true sales person has immense respect for people: For the customer she is selling to, for the people back in the company building the product, for her competitors. If she is respectful, she will be treated with respect.
  • A true sales person is not afraid to ask a lot of questions to make sure he Ask questions that need real answers such as: what do you consider a good quick-turn supplier? How important is getting your product on time? And what are your thoughts on Quality?

And finally, a true sales person will be considered so valuable to his customers that he will get to a point where they are actually happy to see him, and look forward to his visits with great anticipation. It’s only common sense.

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