Book Recommendation: Becoming Facebook: The 10 Challenges that Defined the Company that’s Disrupting the World

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From: Dan Beaulieu


Becoming Facebook: The 10 Challenges that Defined the Company that’s Disrupting the World

By Mike Hoefflinger

Copyright 2018 Amacon

Price $ 24.95

Pages: 244 with index

Great insight into one of the world’s most influential companies

Everything you wanted to know about Facebook and we’re afraid to ask…well almost afraid to ask! Okay we’ll let’s start with those 10 challenges. What were they?

  1. Knowing whether your next thing is your last thing.
  2. Add by subtracting
  3. Know your North Star Metric, Magic moment and core value
  4. Everybody wins if you democratize something for customers of all sizes
  5. Speed is a feature
  6. Crossing the chasm is the best defense
  7. Disrupt yourself before someone else does
  8. Some long games are worth playing if you take care of business in the meantime
  9. Employee engagement is everything. Fit to people’s strengths and ignore weaknesses
  10. Care more.

As you can tell these are more guidelines than they are challenges by which I mean they are the answers to challenges that Facebook has had to face over the years.

But besides being an excellent history book into one of the most fascinating companies in the world it is also a great business book. Full disclosure, I wanted to read his book because of wanted to know the Facebook story. Although I thought the story would be interesting I did not think that any of the lessons in this book would apply to me and my own small business or the small businesses that I work with, but I was wrong. The book is filled with valuable lessons that can be applied to any company, no matter the size.

Here are a few:

  • The value of self-disruption. If things are going okay with your company, it takes a great deal of courage to decide when you have to change things, especially if you are taking a risk that the change might not work or be for the better. It still has to happen sometimes.
  • People. It’s all about the people, no matter how technology driven a company is you still have to remember that any business, as in life, is people dealing with people. And when managing people, it is always better to figure out what they do best and work with that.
  • Not all investments in your company are good. Although the money might be tempting, especially when you really need it. But if the people offering to partner with you are out of alignment with you…only bad things will happen, it is often better to move on.

If you want to know about Facebook, this is an excellent place to start. If you want to know about how a company grows to mega-size this is a great story and yes if you just want to learn more about how to successfully run our business, surprisingly this book will work for you as well.

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