Book Recommendation – Learning to Succeed: Rethinking Corporate Education in a World of Unrelenting Change

A book recommendation from Dan Beaulieu

Learning to Succeed: Rethinking Corporate Education in a World of Unrelenting Change

By: Jason Wingard

Copyright 2015 Amacom

Price $29.95

Pages: 220 with Notes and Index

You can never stop learning

It’s time we took learning seriously. For many years things in business were static enough or at least much more static that they are today so that you could go to college, get your MBA and then be set for life. When I was younger I remember being the only one in my sales staff who even read business books. Hell, I remember when business books were a rarity taking up about a foot of the book store’s shelf. Now of course we are all learning or should be.

In this new and important book by Jason Wingard he rightfully describes what it is going to take to succeed from now on. Our market places are now so dynamic that we have to institute formal learning programs to stay head of the game.

In fact the author himself is the Chief Learning Officer at Goldman Sachs one of the few companies that has adapted this new way of thinking.

Now Mr. Wingard shares with us what it is going to take to create and implement a true Learning to Succeed program in our own companies.

He takes us through a step by step chapter by chapter journey to make sure that we not only completely understand the need for an educational plan but also how it should be made up, who should run it, who should benefit by it and how to keep it going.

This is a book that is ahead of its’ time (just barely) but is providing a great blueprint for the future of doing business in this fast growing, fast changing cross cultural global economy.

I really like the way he incorporates actual cases from a number of companies from Proctor and Gamble to Sears Holdings to Comcast explaining how each of these companies handled their learning program, from implementation to sustenance and how they are faring today allowing us to learn from their challenges and successes.

This is a great book to use as a primer for developing your company’s own learning program, not s subject to be taken lightly.

Please read this book and pass it on the other leaders in your company and then get to work on your own Learning to Succeed program,

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