Book Recommendation – Personal Success: From the Brian Tracy Success Library

A book recommendation from Dan Beaulieu:

Personal Success: From the Brian Tracy Success Library

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Price $9.95

Pages: 108 with Index

This one is the best one yet.

Of all of the books in Tracy’s Success Library this is my personal favorite. It is full of ideas that are valuable and insightful on how to have the most personal success in your own career.

Tracy covers everything from how to be outstanding; how to be the best dressed person in the room to how to make sure you understand exactly who your boss is and what you have to do to serve him and yes get ahead.

He spends a chapter on how to effectively communicate. Another one how to strategically plan what you want and yes get it.

Every chapter ends with some action exercises.

Here are a few of the more outstanding pointers:

  • Associate with the right people
  • Understand exactly what true wealth is, how to get it and how to handle it.
  • How to develop your creativity
  • And yes how to be a true well-rounded business professional

I particularly like the chapter on networking with the right people and how by helping them you can help yourself as well.

And finally from the book:

No one achieves success overnight. Success is always a result of hundreds and thousands of small efforts and achievements that nobody ever notices and appreciates. Make a decision, this very day, to practice these ideas, over and over again, until they become habits, until they become easy and an automatic way of living for you. When you do, there will be no limits”

This is another great book that you need to keep on your business bookshelf. Not only for you but also for those you are mentoring as well.

I for example have order a copy each for my kids who are both on the threshold of their own careers.

I certainly wish that someone had given me a copy thirty years ago when I started put on my business journey.

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