Book Recommendation – Sales Management Simplified: The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team

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From: Dan Beaulieu


Sales Management Simplified: The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team

By Mike Weinberg

Copyright 2015Amacom

Price $27.95

Pages: 210 with Index

Basic Sales Simplicity

This is the one book that you want to give your new sales manager. This is the one book you want to give to your sales people. Covering everything from how to motivate your sales people…start by not demotivating them! To what exactly you should be doing when you visit your sales person’s territory and spend windshield time with him to how to best spend your time as a sales manager.

Weinberg talks about how not all sales people are created equal and how you have to customize your management techniques for each type of sales person.

He shows you how to evaluate your sales people and yes finally get a good understanding of who the keepers are and who you should cut in the end. Pointing out that most of us spend most of our management time on the people who will probably never be great sales people.

I loved the fact that he talks seriously about tools like CRM software pointing out that in the end all CRM programs are just that tools, something to help sales people not something to take up their valuable time to the point where their daily lives become controlled by the very tyranny of these tools that are supposed to help them be better sales people to deter them from that goal.

This is a basic meat and potatoes book about sales, about going back to the basics of selling and sales management, about direct communications and about in the end finding a way to make that sale.

And in the end it is about making your sales people great making them as that Army ad says “making them all that they can be.” He spends a lot of time talking about instilling confidence in sales people making sure that your coaching is motivating designed to showing sales people the way to becoming strong, confident, effective and successful sales people, sales people who have the ability to bring your company the customers and hence the revenue that you need to be successful.

The ROI on this book will be exceptional I would urge you to buy it, read it and pass it around to the rest of your sales team…and oh yes give a copy to your boss as well. He probably needs it as much if not more than you do.

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