Book Recommendation – UPSIDE: Profiting from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead

dan-3A book recommendation from Dan Beaulieu.

UPSIDE: Profiting from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead

By Kenneth W. Gronbach with M.J. Moye

Copyright: Amacon 2017

Pages: 278 with Index

Price: $27.95

Predicting the future through demographics

If you want to know what is going to happen in the future, you can forget the crystal ball and the Tarot cards because all you need is this new book by generational researcher Kenneth Gronbach. The first thing I want to say about this book is that it is readable and interesting. I say that because I was almost turned off to the point of not wanting to read it because of the subject matter which sounded as dry as the Arizona desert, but au contraire mon frere as they say in my culture, this book is actually a page turner. The author takes you through six generations of demographics from the “Silents” those who survived world war two to the baby boomers to generation Xer’s the millennials and beyond. He describes in detail the make-up of these six generations and how they are made up and what their effect is on business both today and in the future.

Beyond that he writes about the various areas of the country showing growth slow-down in the North east and super growth in the south especially North Carolina…and why.

Which what we all want to know isn’t it? We not only want to know the what but also the why.

Probably the best part of this book is when the author shows us the future; like how generation Xer’s are turning the housing market around and how boomers are responsible for the health care issues we are having today because there are so many of them living for so long and needing so much health care.

As a bonus, the author includes brief studies of the rest of the world including Europe, Africa and of course Asia including the projected growth rate of each region.

Honestly, I went from wondering if I should even read this book, to feeling I had to read this book to learn about demographics and how to use them in my business, to my considering this book only the beginning of my study of this all-important subject. If you are serious about the fate of your business, nay the fate of your world then you have to reads this excellent and don’t forget readable book

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