Book review – The Art of Social Media: Finding and Engaging Customers on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Other Social Networks

The Art of Social Media: Finding and Engaging Customers on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Other Social Networks

By: Shannon Belew

Copyright 2014Amacom

Price $19.95

Pages: 267 with Notes and Index

The official social media playbook

This is the one book you’re going to need to make your way through the new world order of social media. IN this book author Shannon Belew covers all of the basic principles you need to not only learn about each type of social media but how to get proficient at it as well.

Look it’s time to stop arguing about whether or not social media is here to stay…it is here to stay. It is time to stop wondering about its’ value…it is valuable. It’s time to stop being baffled or worse overwhelmed by the very idea of social media. Social media is not only here to stay but it is time to learn it, to embrace it and to incorporate all facets of it into your everyday corporate sales life. Okay? Got it? Good now that we’ve come passed that pick this book up and start reading it because this is your blueprint to for the social media world.

Ms. Belew has written as clear and concise on each genre of social media from Facebook to Google and from Twitter to Linkedin so that this is a dictionary/encyclopedia of what all of this is about. She explains it all to the reader in a way is very easy to understand. And once she has done that she teaches you how to manage each of these individual facets of social media from how to create the right content to branding your product and your company with as she says being called a “Pusher” or heaven forbid a “Lurker” and if you don’t know what those things are…then you should be a at the front of the line when it comes to getting your hands on this book.

It’s your choice you can hang back there into the twentieth century or you can join us here in the twenty first century and read this book.

Oh and one more thing whatever you do, make sure that you read this one all the way to the end so that you can take advantage of the case studies at the back of the book giving real life examples of who some companies have made this all work. Read and learn from them… these alone are worth the twenty bucks you’re paying for the book.

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