Why Market To Our Own Customers?

One of the things that always seems to come up when we are working with a company, especially when we are sending out their newsletters is this, “We want new customers, so why are we sending the newsletter out to our current customers? We have their business already.” This is one of the most serious […]

Are You Doing Enough Marketing?

Most of the time I am addressing those companies who are doing little, or no marketing, spending zero dollars on telling their company’s story, and getting their name out there. But, what about those of you who are doing some marketing? Sorry, you don’t get a pass either. You need to ask yourself if you […]

Marketing Money To Spare?

One of the more interesting side effects of this Pandemic is that companies are not spending the money they had originally budgeted for sales and marketing. We are not travelling, which means we are not buying plane tickets, renting cars, or staying in hotels. Heck, we are for the most part, not even visiting customers […]

The Right Way To Brand Your Company

There is more marketing in our industry right now than there has ever been before. More companies are spending time, creativity, and money on getting their message out to the market. This is a vast improvement over the way it used to be when people in our industry viewed marketing as some sort of mumbo-jumbo […]