The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell

A book recommendation from Dan Beaulieu

The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell

By Paul Smith

Copyright 2019 Simple Truths/ Ignite Reads

Pages: 110 with Appendix and Notes

Price: $16.99

Everyone is talking about stories…and rightfully so, anyone who knows anything about marketing in the 21st century knows that the way to get into peoples’ heads is to tell them a story.  I have to admit that I have read every book about business storytelling that I can lay my hands on and this little book is by far the most comprehensive and useful.

By using real life examples of stories that were used successfully by companies to get their point across, or rather illustrate the point they are trying to make with their specific stories.

Author Paul Smith, says that every great leader is a great storyteller and of course he is correct. What I found helpful was that throughout  the book he uses stories by real leaders to show how various types of stories were used to help companies improve their way to success.

According to Mr. Smith, the best stories help leaders get their points across much more effectively than any other form of communication. Think about it, what would you rather listen to, a good and interesting story or a hard and cold sixty slide presentation  filled with literally…”just the facts ma’am.”? Easy decision, right?

Stories are human: The human element touches all of us personally. It engages us.

Stories are emotional: The emotional element helps us to feel the story to the point of engagement

Stories are memorable: no one ever forgets a good story. They might forget a name or a date, but they will never remember the story. And that is the basis of not only true communications, but true learning as well.

Then there are the tips on how to formulate your own stories and your own storytelling. And this is worth the price of the book.

There is even a storytelling workbook offered for free through the book that will get you started on your path to successful storytelling.And one more thing. This book is part of a terrific entire series of business books called IgniteReads spark impact in just one hour. Business books that can be read and remembered in just one hour. Now that’s my kind of book. Honest, direct and impactful. This is the first one I read, but I plan to read all of them in the next few months. So be prepared to hear about all of them in the months to come.

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