There Is Only One Way To Succeed And That Is To Always Give It Your Best

Dan - another pathOne of my favorite sayings is “when you wake up in the morning if you are not ready to change the world, then don’t bother to get out of bed.” Do you ever think about changing the world? Do you ever think about being the best you can be…the best in the business? This kind of thinking represents the way champions think. People who are destined to greatness. People who don’t wait for luck to hit them in the head, but rather go out and work as hard as they can; and if luck meets up with them along the way, then all the better.

Greatness in everything we do is intentional. Think about the top people in your field, and you’ll notice some distinct characteristics that you will see in all of them. Things that make them stand head and shoulders over the rest of the crowd.

I thought it might be fun and interesting to list some of the most prominent characteristics of the best people in their fields.

  1. Determination: The are determined to be great. The are always focused on being the best in everything they do.
  2. Focus: They can focus on the right things that have to be done. They are never distracted by “ground noise” but rather can always keep their eye on the prize.
  3. They stay in their lane: They don’t care what is going on around them. You will never catch them hanging around the proverbial water cooler whining about this or that that is “keeping them” from doing their job.
  4. They do not believe in excuses. Because they are so good at planning everything that they take into consideration anything that could go wrong. And most importantly if something does go wrong, they take full responsibility for it, solve it, and it move on.
  5. They play their own hand. They play with the cards they have in front of them and never spend time wishing they had been dealt better cards.
  6. They don’t waste time. Everything they do has a purpose. They are extremely efficient with their time making sure that they make every minute count.
  7. They never wing it. The realize the importance of planning. The plan well and then they follow the plan to the letter. They never adlib during a sales call but rather know what they are going to say as well as what they want to get out of that meeting.
  8. They don’t care about outside forces, from weather, to economy to natural disasters, they rise above all these distractions and focus on what needs to be done and most importantly what they can do and what they can control.
  9. They have confidence. They know that if they do everything, right they will win out in the end. They go around with this quiet confidence that all winners seem to have.
  10. They never worry about what people say about them, because they have the confidence of their convictions and will always be sure of themselves.
  11. The are dedicated to their craft and are always studying, reading, learning to improve themselves.
  12. They are not afraid of good old fashioned hard work, because they know if they work hard today the rewards will be great tomorrow.
  13. They are impeccably honest. Always telling the truth not matter how painful it is. They are not afraid to deliver bad news, and suffer the consequences because they know that in the end the customers will appreciate their honesty and truthfulness.
  14. They always take the long view; and are willing to sacrifice today for their reward tomorrow.
  15. They never speak poorly of their competition no matter how tempting it might be. They believe in always taking the high road always.
  16. They treat everyone as they themselves, would want to be treated…no exceptions.
  17. They are always extremely polite, and courteous, with impeccable manners. Making sure that they are remember for their kindness and regard for other people.
  18. They never take shortcuts. Always, instead, doing things the right way. The only way that will help them achieve their goals.
  19. They are always on time, believing that tardiness is the first sign of incompetence.
  20. They always turn in their reports, quotes, forecasts on time, and always perfectly executed.
  21. They are always willing to help others. Sometime even their competitors, if is for a good common cause.

And finally, they are just plain good people, people who are fun to be around. People who make other people feel safe and most importantly well cared for. So how do you rank? Did you see yourself in these characteristics? If you did then congratulation you are well on your way to an exemplary career in sales. If not, well, its not too late to mend your ways. Start doing it today. It’s only common sense.

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